NScessity compact baby monitor - adds a little more freedom to parenting

Alright, so we have already come to the conclusion that even baby monitors are not allowed to be normal anymore. Many women are against the video monitors saying they made them too anal about their child's safety. However, I seriously doubt that they could argue over how convenient the NScessity compact baby monitor would be.

Baby monitors have changed in many ways the past few years, but ironically they really haven't gotten that much smaller. This is kind of funny since we can fit so much into a cell phone and it can still be small, but something as simple as a baby monitor has to be bulky. NScessity has moms covered; these monitors are roughly the size of an egg. Who wouldn't prefer this over the former models?

The NScessity compact baby monitor can even be worn around your neck leaving you with your hands free. Giving you the freedom to catch up on the mess you've made with the new baby around. Unfortunately, convenience always comes at a price; these monitors are priced at around $100. Which is a little steep for the average parent, but I'm sure some would still be willing to find the dough for it.

Nscessity: baby monitors just got smaller [via babygadget]