NSA releases internal Snowden email

One common claim made by Snowden since his monumental leak of intelligence information is that he repeatedly raised questions with the National Security Agency, calling to attention concerns over procedures and actions. The government has rebutted those claims today, releasing an internal email from Snowden said to be his only correspondence.

On the Office of the Director of National Intelligence website today, a screenshot of an email sent by Edward Snowden seeking clarification about a training matter was posted — along with the related response — something said to be the only email inquiry discovered.

In the email, we see a message from Snowden to the Office of General Counsel seeking clarification on training materials, raising a bit of concern over an interpretation of the materials that seem to indicate that Executive Orders have an elevated status.

A response to the question was sent, as well as an invitation to call for additional discussion if desired. According to the Director's Office, no other emails were sent in follow-up. The Office says it has reached out to Snowden and investigated into other outreaches from him on concerns, but have not found any. It is said that "numerous avenues" exist that Snowden could have utilized for his concerns.

SOURCE: IC on the Record