NSA patents reveal agency's spy gadgets

The folks at Foreign Policy have detailed a list of patents granted to the National Security Agency, and in them we see a plethora of spy-centric gadgets and tech that covers topics spanning from encryption to envelopes that reveal they've been tampered with.

There are quite a few patents, far more than can be discussed entirely here, but we've gone through the list and pulled out some notable ones. One interesting filing is a patent for technology that lets the NSA detect when someone has removed the sim card in their device and then put it (or a new one) back in.

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A biomimetic voice identifier has been patented, as well as a single-use USB port protector, digital filters and other tech for improving audio quality, tamper indicators for all sorts of items like bags and transport tubes, a way to determine what a text's topic is based on noun usage, and a bunch of encryption technologies.

The list goes on and on, touching on a variety of topics and hinting at what kind of tech the spy agency might be employing behind the scenes. You can see the complete list by hitting up the link below.

SOURCE: Foreign Policy