Novero unveils TheTalkyOne, TheTravelOne, and TheCarOne

Novero has several products that are for Bluetooth mobile phones. The last new product from the company was the Lexington headset unveiled in February. Novero is unveiling three new products this week called TheTalkyOne, TheTravelOne, and TheCarOne.

Strange product names aside, the gear is interesting. TheTalkyOne is a Bluetooth speakerphone designed to be used in the car or in the office. The device has text-to-speech feature and can read the names of callers aloud from caller ID and can read text messages to you while you drive. The device can pair with two phones at once and has DSP noise reduction and echo cancellation features. The battery is good for 180 hours on standby and 15 hours of talk time.

TheTravelOne is a charger that can be used all around the world with adapter plugs for the US, UK, EU, and NZ sockets. The device is offered in black or white colors and has a microUSB cable for charging from a computer. TheCarOne is a microUSB cable charger that plugs into the DC outlet in your car. All the gear is available on Amazon with TheTalkyOne at $139, TheTravelOne for $39.95, and TheCarOne for $29.95.