November: 80% Increase In XBox Live Users

Trae McNeely - Dec 6, 2006, 2:27 am CST
November: 80% Increase In XBox Live Users

According to Sandvine’s, a company that helps broadband service providers, they have identified an 80% increase in the number of XBox Live users in the month of November.  They are counting the start of November as the 7th because the surge in XBox Live usage occurred after the release of Gears of War and five other highly anticipated games.  Sandvine purports this increase in XBox Live activity using their intelligent broadband network which is another name for fiber-optic cables, high-speed connections, massive storage, large servers, and the best network administrators.

Sandvine also states that the increase in XBox Live user traffic is the largest since the popular Halo II debuted on the XBox in 2004.  Halo II started the broadband gaming boom and ultimately kept the XBox afloat with increased popularity and usage.

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