Novatel WWAN/WiFi card to bring embedded MiFi to Dell notebook?

Are Novatel planning to put a MiFi module inside Dell's Latitude E4300?  That's one interpretation of the company's recent FCC filing, which shows a dual-mode WiFi and WWAN module capable of concurrently using both wireless radios, and with antenna connections for the E-series notebook.

The testing shows that the card supports WiFi a/b/g/n bands, together with UMTS WWAN.  Interestingly, the Qualcomm logo is included on the test photos, which suggests that the card uses a Qualcomm board or chipset.

While it's possible that this could simply be a 3G/WiFi board intended to deliver a ubiquitous connection to a single notebook, we'd like to think that a Novatel/Qualcomm partnership in this way would deliver more than just that.  Embedded WWAN sharing over WiFi could make for an interesting business notebook; we're waiting to hear back from Novatel themselves to see if they have any comment.

[via Yahoo! Finance - Thanks George!]