Notion's Protégé brings a full orchestra to your home

As just about everyone who has ever met me will confirm, I live my life according to the teachings of Meat Loaf.  With Bat Out Of Hell as my bible, I pray for the chance one day to grow my hair long, wear leather waistcoats and clutch a slightly matted scarf while imploring a big-haired woman to climb aboard my motorcycle.  Until that chance comes, I'll just have to satisfy myself with using the same computer software as he does; to be honest, it's not too rough of a compromise.  In his recent performance at the Royal Albert Hall, the Meatster was backed by a 16-piece orchestra that managed to sound like there were sixty there; not solely through their own talent, but thanks to music software developers Notion and their latest release Protégé.

Protégé harnesses more than 100,000 sounds recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra at the world-famous Abbey Road Studios to make any computer musician the conductor, whether that be building up a backing group or experimenting with new scores without the expense of hiring a full band.  Expansion packs catering to specific genres will be available, such as rock, rhythm and jazz, each recorded from world-class performers. 

Notion are currently running a competition where composers can enter their work, created using the company's software, and potentially win the opportunity to record with the London Symphony Orchestra.  There's a free demo of Protégé available, and the full licence costs $99 (or $75 pre-order)

Notion [thanks to Hollie for the tip]