Notion Ink Adam's SDK Teased, Called Genesis

When it comes to epic words, "Genesis" might be one of the bigger ones. Perhaps that's why Notion Ink have chosen that word to name their Software Developer Kit (SDK) that. Could be some other reason, but we like the whole "epic" idea. But, with the announcement of a price, especially in the face of all the set-backs, it's good to see Notion Ink moving forward. Especially on the software side of things. In any event, Notion Ink have sent out a mass email, to developers, to announce their new "Genesis" product.

The hardware inside Notion Ink's Adam tablet is powerful. We all know this. Featuring Android as its Operating System, and a NVIDIA Tegra chipset to power the whole shebang, no one's arguing that the tablet's mediocre in any way. And since we already know that the company is going to feature their own custom software, along with a catalog for digital material to read and an app store, getting developers to jump on board to create things is essential.

That's where the Genesis project comes in. It's an SDK meant to allow developers to create things specifically for the Adam tablet, so that customers can enjoy them without having to access something like the Android Market. There's always the idea that, by the time the tablet launches later this year, some of those third-party developed apps could make it onto the device at launch time, depending on what gets developed. Unfortunately, there's not much else to go on here. But, if you got one of those emails, let us know in the comments.

[via AndroidCommunity]