Notion Ink Adam Unboxed, Poses for Photo

While there are an innumerable of products launched every year, there's only a few that warrant a special kind of attention. And still fewer that, if you happen to get it way earlier than everyone else, you take the time to get your camera, or find a camera, to take some photos of your prize. Despite all of the live videos, User Interface (UI) demonstrations, and images we've seen of the Notion Ink Adam tablet device, there are still naysayers out there, saying that the Android-powered device will never see the light of day. Well, for one lucky individual named Van Gunst (who's Dutch), he has proof that the tablet is real, and he was kind enough to take some photos.

While there's only one photo of the Adam tablet itself, and plenty of shots of the box it came in (...), we'll take it for what it is: an unboxed Notion Ink Adam. According to Van Gunst, he received an Adam tablet to better build applications for the device. He relates it to how Apple handled application development for the iPhone. However, Notion Ink doesn't have the means to invite developers to their headquarters, so the next best step is to send them tablets, and then assign them programmers. That seems to be what's happening in this situation.

We would have preferred a video of the unboxing, but at this point, beggars can't be choosers. As of right now, Van Gunst's tweets via his Twitter account are protected, but his YFrog account is not. We'll have to wait for more information, if any comes from it. You can read Van Gunst's full statement from his blog below, regarding the tablet arriving on his doorstep.

[via Android Community; thanks, Samuel]