Notion Ink Adam pre-order status slips to mid-January 2011 [Update: only 50 customers affected]

Reports are coming in of delays in Notion Ink Adam pre-order deliveries, with some customers logging into the company's status tracker and discovering they'll have to wait a little longer into the new year than previously expected. Out of the Office pre-ordered a Pixel Qi version of Adam on pre-sale day and was originally told to expect it to ship on January 6 2011; that's now been updated to 15-22 January.Update: Notion Ink comment added after the cut, and the good news is this is a minor issue and not a general delay.

According to the status page, the initial date customers were shown was incorrect due to calculation errors on Notion Ink's part:

"Prior to December 15th, there was an error in this page due to which the shipping date was being calculated incorrectly. We apologize for the inconvenience. The date shown here is the correct value, which reflects the date shown at the time you ordered.

*This is our best estimate of the shipping date. The actual date may vary; we will keep you informed in case that happens. If you want to modify or cancel the Pre-Order, please"

Customers posting on the official Notion Ink blog are reporting different dates, with one told to expect his Adam tablet to ship on January 9 2011. We're waiting on an official comment from Notion Ink and will update when we know more.

Update: We've talked with Notion Ink CEO Rohan Shravan, and he tells us only 50 pre-order customers have been affected by the change in shipping times:

"There were few customers who took longer time to finish their order details (some 50) (this was in the span of 5 minutes) and by the time they clicked purchase, the first shipments were already sold. Around 50 people were told about their schedule and there are around 30 for whom schedule is pulled from 22nd to 15th and from 15th to 9th. Products will be released much faster though, this is the max time for these 50 people."