Notion Ink Adam gets LongBox Digital comic partnership [Video]

Chris Davies - Oct 8, 2010, 10:51am CDT
Notion Ink Adam gets LongBox Digital comic partnership [Video]

Notion Ink has been promising us details on the content partnerships lined up for their Adam slate, and the first of those deals has just been made public.  LongBox Digital will be providing their digital comic system for Adam, which will allow browsing their catalog – with a rather slick animated UI which you can see demonstrated after the cut – together with downloading direct to the tablet.

Video demo after the cut

There’ll also be generic LongBox Digital apps for Android and iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad, so presumably you’ll be able to transfer purchased comics across platforms.  v1.1 of the company’s PC and Mac app is being released this weekend.

Perhaps we’re reading too much into the press copy, but it does say that LongBox Digital are the exclusive providers for “any other tablets or portable devices utilizing Notion Ink’s Genesis system over the next two years.”  Considering there’s also been rumors of a Notion Ink smartphone and an “Eve” device, that potentially bodes well for smaller format devices.  Meanwhile there’s also talk of “ebook, TV music and film services” all being preloaded, so we’re guessing Notion Ink has plenty more content partnerships to announce.

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