Nothing Tech wants everyday citizens to own part of the company

OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei's company Nothing Tech revealed a new sort of concept this morning. Before releasing any products to the public, they've raised millions in investor funds from groups like Alphabet's GV (formerly Google Ventures). Now they want the average person to invest money for a part of the company – sorta like... an IPO... but not.

Per the release today, Nothing suggests that they want "you to invest and become a shareholder of Nothing." That's ominous, but it goes on to note that "$1.5 million worth of shares will be available to the community at the same price as our wider Series A funding round led by GV."

They're making an effort to make this process feel exclusive and exciting. They're working with Crowdcube to make the investment process a reality. They're suggesting that interested parties submit their name, email, country, and promised investment amount in a registration form on the Nothing site.

Per the terms of investment revealed this week, Nothing suggests that users can invest between 50 and 20k Euro right out the gate. They've suggested that investing in Nothing is "more than just holding equity," and that the investor will "be an integral part of our community, helping to bring back artistry, optimism, and trust to consumer technology."

They've also suggested that they'll be giving "rewards" once the funding platform campaign is opened for cash. We can safely assume they'll include stuff like Hoodies and keychains, per the teasers on Instagram. Rumors suggest the Nothing Tech company will have some solid technology products available for purchase at some point in the year 2021. We'll be following along with the company and whatever they're about to product through the future – stay tuned!