Nothing revealed by OnePlus founder Carl Pei

There's a company called Nothing in the works, courtesy of Carl Pei. This is one of the people that made OnePlus happen a few years ago – he left OnePlus recently. Now, Carl Pei's aiming to make something interesting. The company's name, Nothing, works with the description of said company and all the details offered up thus far. It's all intentionally vague and intriguing.

Carl Pei released Nothing today as a new venture, based in London, with a description that reads as follows. "A new, forward-thinking consumer technology company." UPDATE: More details in the mix!

As the video released today suggests, "It's easy to make something. Even easier when it's just like the thing before it. And the one before that. But like all good things, this one starts from scratch. No notes. No blueprints. No map to find our way back."

The intro video for this company goes on to say, "We're rethinking everything, from what we make and how we make it... to what goes in and what goes out.*"

*At this point in the video, we see a couple of measurements. One says SPACE 2.5mm, the other says SPACE 5x5mm. We COULD assume this means they're making a processor chip – that'd work with the 5x5mm, but a processor chip that's also 2.5mm thick is... pretty thick.

"A giant reset button for all things innovation," says the intro video for Nothing (aka @nothingtech on Twitter). "And so we go, confident that what's in reach isn't worth reaching for. We know, because we tried reaching a little further, and came up with... NOTHING."

This release also suggests that "technology should fade into the background and feel like nothing." The Nothing dot Tech website is ready to roll now. We're in the process of getting a whole lot more information about this company – and what it'll make – so stay tuned!