Nothing Ear (1) earbuds spill some specs ahead of full reveal

For about the past month or so, Nothing has been teasing its upcoming Ear (1) wireless earbuds. First, we received a teaser for the reveal date, then came the news that these earbuds would only cost $99. After that, Nothing announced that it would be teaming up with StockX to auction off the first 100 pairs of Ear (1) earbuds as the first product sold through DropX. Now – a week before the earbuds are to be officially revealed – we've learned the specifications of the charging case.

Remember that we haven't even seen the earbuds that will use this charging case, so Nothing is definitely trickle feeding us information about the Ear (1). Still, some news is better than no news, and these charging case specs at least give us some insight into how long the earbuds will last with a fully charged case.

For starters, Nothing says that the 570mAh charging case can provide up to 24 hours of battery life for the Ear (1) earbuds, assuming that the earbuds are used with Active Noise Cancellation on. However, when ANC is turned off, the charging case can provide up to 34 hours of battery life.

That's not bad, but perhaps more exciting is that 10 minutes of charging in the case is enough to provide the Ear (1) buds with as much as 6 hours of battery life with ANC on and 8 hours with ANC off. So, it seems the case will have quick charging capability, but Nothing didn't reveal how long it takes to charge up a pair of earbuds from dead to 100%. Nothing also said that the charging case will feature wireless charging, so we'll lookout for more details on that.

All of these teaser announcements have brought us a week out from the official reveal of the Nothing Ear (1), which is currently slated for July 27th. On that date, we're hoping to not only see the earbuds at long last, but we'd also like to get a full spec sheet. We'll see what happens next week, so stay tuned for more.