Note 4 screen gap issue is worse than #bendgate

With the iPhone 6 and #bendgate, Samsung was quick to take a few jabs. All in jest, typically, but they may have set themselves yourself up for backlash. Samsung's Note 4, an iPhone 6 Plus competitor, seemsĀ to be compromised, right out of the box, with a screen that doesn't meet the bezel surrounding it, leaving a noticeable gap.

The device, already for sale in South Korea, has a number of disillusioned customers. It seems the screen on Samsung's big phone doesn't sit flush next to the bezel, leaving gap around the edge about the thickness of a credit card (which you can see above). Though there is glass on the front, which serves to protect users from actually feeling the gap, it opens the handset up to other issues.

Even with the Gorilla Glass front, the Note 4 could end up with massive dust and dirt collections in the gap. That space would also compromise any water resistance features, and could possibly have a bleeding light problem down the line.

Speaking to IT Times, a Samsung representative said the company is aware of the problem. An official replacement program has yet to be announced, but the phone is still available for purchase.

Samsung pushed the launch of their Note 4 up due to the attention paid to the iPhone 6 Plus. Hoping to catch some excitable customers, Samsung seems to have jumped the gun on this one.

In addition to being on sale in South Korea, the Note 4 is available for pre-order via AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile in the US.

Source: IT Times