NoseDial for iPhone is exactly what you think it is

We generally stay away from talking about apps around here, but this new iPhone app called NoseDial is just too funny to pass up. You can probably guess from the name what the app is intended to allow you to do. You can dial the iPhone using your nose.

The theory is that in the winter months in cold climates you don't want to take off your gloves so you can whip out your iPhone and using the app hit a number you want to dial with your snoz. The app allows you to tilt the phone to move through your contacts.

You can adjust the size of the buttons so even those with massive sniffers will be able to use the app. The thing I wonder about is how people with gloves on would unlock their phone to begin with to be able to use the app. I guess you have to drag the lock button with your nose too. You can get the gross, but funny and cool app for 99 cents right now.