Norway to cease FM radio broadcasts in 2017

FM radio has been around for decades and it has always been the type of broadcast you wanted for the highest quality music. Many countries are now working on switching from FM broadcasts over to digital radio. The first country in the world to cease all broadcasting of FM radio signals will be Norway.

The Norwegian Minister of Culture has announced this week that the FM switch off for the country will happen in 2017. Once the FM broadcasts end, the country will be transitioned completely to digital radio. The Digital Audio Broadcasts or DAB that will take over completely after that switch off will give listeners access to more diverse radio channel content.

DAB is already broadcasting 22 shows heard around the country of Norway compared to the five left on traditional FM radio right now. Within the country, polls show that 56% of all listeners are already using DAB.

While Norway will be the first to shut off FM radio broadcasts, other countries in Europe are working out the transition as well. Some Southeast Asian countries are working on the transition as well. FM radio was patented in 1933 and over 90% of people in the US still listen to AM/FM radio.

SOURCE: Gizmodo