Nordic viewers can get HBO Go with no TV subscription

I think that a bunch of people here in the United States and in other countries that would gladly cancel the cable subscription if they could get HBO Go programming as a separate subscription. However, in the US and everywhere else HBO only allows access to its online streaming HBO Go service if you have a qualifying cable subscription. HBO is reportedly set to change that for some viewers.

Nordic fans of HBO shows such as Game of Thrones will be able to subscribe to HBO Go without having to pay for a subscription on their cable network or satellite provider. The move by HBO is seen as an attempt to go head-to-head with Netflix and will certainly raise the hopes of fans in the US that a similar deal may be offered. The official announcement came from a press conference yesterday held in Stockholm where HBO Nordic AB announced that the streaming subscription offer will launch in the middle of October.

HBO will launch a website called and will offer online subscriptions for under €10 per month. The service will also be available as an add-on to basic pay-TV subscriptions in the region. Sadly, and HBO spokesperson said that the launch in the Nordic region doesn't reflect a change in company policy and any of its current markets.

That means just because the Nordic region can get HBO Go with no cable subscription doesn't mean fans in other places will be able to. Honestly, I've had very bad luck streaming anything from HBO Go. The streaming quality is significantly worse than Netflix in my home to the point that HBO Go is simply unwatchable. The HBO Nordic AB service will offer subtitled versions of the same programs available in the US. It will also feature content from rival networks in the US such as Showtime and Starz, which is very odd.

[via Variety]