Nook Color gets new streaming content

Barnes & Noble is doing well with the new Nook Color as the fastest selling product it offers. The company has announced a software update for the tablet that adds more than 100 different new features and enhancements to the device. The software update is free and brings the ability to stream movies and TV from services like Netflix and Flixster.

The tablet is selling for $199, and if you are still shopping for Christmas you can pick one of these up online today with a new special deal. If you buy the Nook Color online using a MasterCard, you get a $25 gift card with the purchase. The new update also adds Nook book gifting. That means you can gift someone a digital book they might like to read for Christmas.

That special MasterCard $25 gift card offer also works on the Nook Simple Touch for $99 and the Nook Tablet at $249 as well. All the Nook eReaders and tablets will get free shipping for buyers using MasterCard. The Nook App library has a bunch of new items too with new games, kid's apps, and a lot more. The Nook Color update will roll out OTA via WiFi starting next week.