Nook Color gets email, apps and more with new update

The eReader market is flooded with a bunch of devices that have the same basic functionality. Some are nowhere near as popular as other readers are though and while the Amazon Kindle is one of the most popular, it's not as interesting to some as the Nook Color. A color screen on an eReader is a unique feature right now and when you factor in that the Color runs the Android OS all sorts of hacks and mods are possible. For a while, users were doing just that with hacks and mods to get more functionality out of the device.

Barnes & Noble has now issued a new firmware update of the Nook Color that adds in some of those cool features that people wanted and were thinking about hacking the device to get. The new features include Nook Email, Nook apps, and a better web user experience. The firmware update also brings with it access to enhanced books and to Nook Kids Read and Play titles as well. I would assume those kids books will have the story and then little games that go along with the story.

B&N says that owners of the Nook color need to do nothing to get the update, it will be offered over WiFi automatically. If you haven't been offered the update yet you can update manually. The update will start its automatic roll out to users this week so be on the lookout for it. Let us know how things work if you are a Nook Color owner.

[via Android community]