NOOK Color Adds New Exclusive Game: Aces Bubble Popper

The Barnes & Noble NOOK Color eReader is really setting itself apart from the competition. Earlier this week, the eReader got a firmware update that brought new features including NOOK Email and apps. The ability to download apps is perhaps the niftiest part and included several games for the eReader. New games will likely be piled on quickly, and today's latest release is the Aces Bubble Popper from Concrete Software, who also released Aces Jewel Hunt and Pocket Ants for the device.

Taking a quick glance at the Barnes & Noble website, you will see 14 of their most popular games. The entire lineup is accessible only via the NOOK Color and purchasing is only available via the device as well. You will be familiar with most of the games from Solitaire to Flight Control and to the most notorious of all, Angry Birds.

Below is a little demo video of the Aces Bubble Popper for the NOOK Color.

However, games are just part of the new apps market. You will also find numerous other apps that help you "explore" as in access web services such as American Airlines, Springpad, and Pulse News. There are also various apps for learning and organization as well as apps designed specifically for kids.

The NOOK Color is really beefing up its functionality and thanks to it running Android OS, there can be many other possibilities with the device. For those of us not keen on hacking the eReader, we now can still enjoy the addition of apps, email, and enhanced web browsing and Flash support. The WiFi version retails for $249.

[via Concrete Software]