NOOK Beats Kindle For The Very First Time On Consumer Reports

The e-reader competition between the Barnes & Noble Nook and the Amazon Kindle has always left the former with a bruised ego. But with the latest "All-New Nook" (also known as the Simple Touch) unveiled earlier this month, things have taken a turn. For the very first time, Consumer Reports has nudged the Nook ahead of the Kindle in its e-reader rankings.

We had our hands-on and unboxing of the All-New Nook and definitely liked the more simplified form factor. Gone are the dual screens and distracting features of the first edition Nook for an All-New Nook that provides a more purist reading experience.

According to Consumer Reports, the All-New Nook matches or bests the Kindle in almost every aspect of performance, although only modestly. They scored the All-New Nook one point above the Kindle in the 6-to-7-inch category while boosting it 4 to 5 points above other Kindles.

As for the battery life claims for the Nook and the Kindle, Consumer Reports gives them equal credit for battery life of five days or more. The All-New Nook with Wi-Fi costs $139, which is the same as the Kindle with Wi-Fi.

[via Consumer Reports]