NOMAD MagSafe Leather Cover makes your charger slightly more fancy

The folks at NOMAD made a Leather Cover for the standard Apple MagSafe wireless charger. The price for the accessory does not include the charger itself, just the leather cover that fits over the charger. You have to buy the charger from Apple, then the leather cover from NOMAD for $24.95 USD. That'll get you a cover in Rustic Brown or Black.

If you thought we'd gotten to peak accessorizing of Apple products, you were partially right. We've been close before, making with the leather covers for Apple Pencil. Pad & Quill made a $49 USD Leather Apple Pencil Grip back in 2017. Here in the year 2021, it's time for a leather cover for the MagSafe charging pad.

The Apple MagSafe Charger you likely already own can be given an extra layer of personality with this accessory made with "Horween leather from the USA." The case has a "soft microfiber interior" and "minimally treated, vegetable-tanned leather" on the outside from "one of America's oldest tanneries."

The leather exterior is made to patina with time, making the experience of owning and using this charger "unique to you." The charger is 59.4mm in diameter, 7.9mm high, and 2.4mm thick. The casing attaches using "microsuction," so it doesn't generally need any additional element to stay attached to the charger. However, the case DOES also include microsuction tape inside for "if you find the fit too loose."

Per a Tweet from the official @NomadGoods Twitter account, "Introducing: Leather Cover for MagSafe Charger (yes, we're serious)." This same company produces cases for the iPhone (with space for MagSafe), Apple Watch watchbands, and cases for AirPods, all in fine leather, so you can match.

The NOMAD Leather Cover for MagSafe can be attained starting this week for approximately $25 USD. It's available in Black and in Rustic Brown.