Nokia's Smartphone Beta Test Campaign Takes Shot At iPhone

Nokia and Microsoft are making a big play for the United States with the Lumia 900 and Windows Phone. One of the biggest questions on everyone's minds is "how are Nokia and AT&T going to market the Lumia 900?" Will they be able to plant the seed of Windows Phone and allow it to germinate in the brains of the public? Judge for yourself. Nokia have begun their assault with a new website, Smartphone Beta Test.

RIght now upon visiting the website, you'll see an auto-playing video featuring

Dr. Spaceman

Chris Parnell, visibly bored and waiting for the clock to countdown to zero. The timer is due to expire on April 6th, two days before the release of the Lumia 900.

The website also hosts several videos designed to poke fun of current smartphones, most notably Apple's iPhone. The first, titled "Death Grip", sees supposed Apple employees in fake behind-the-scenes footage berating a fellow worker for holding his phone the wrong way, despite his insistence that there's no signal available. Another shows disregard for fragile phones, with the pixellated employees proclaiming its better for business: if a phone breaks, they just secured another sale.

Right now, all company logos on the website are blacked out, and there's no mention of the Lumia 900 either, but all evidence is pointing towards this being some of Nokia's shenanigans. A teaser also recently began airing on US television, asking users if they ever wondered if their smartphone was a "borderline defective, glorified prototype."

[via WPCentral]