Nokia’s Navigation Kit for N800 Internet Tablet reviewed

Chris Davies - Jul 12, 2007

Something tells me that uber-grouch Mike Cane still won’t be impressed, but Nokia’s Navigation Kit for the N800 internet tablet gets a reasonable write-up by Henry Kingman over at LinuxDevices.  The add-on kit brings simple GPS navigation (with what sounds like a streak of humour running through it) to the portable device, including a Bluetooth satellite receiver, in-car mount and a 2GB SD card containing either European or North America maps for the Navicore software.


 Nokia Navigation Kit - N800 windscreen mount

Henry was impressed by the kit’s mounting flexibility, ability to be used with the previous-model Nokia 770, and the entertaining and easy to follow voice instructions (“There, that wasn’t really so bad now, was it?” his British-voiced guide remarked); less pleasing were occasional, inexplicable losses of satellite reception and, perhaps most importantly, the price.  At $250 (not including the N800 itself) it’s an expensive way to add navigation to your car.

Nokia N800 Navigation Kit screenshot

Review: Nokia Navigation Kit for the N800 Tablet[LinuxDevices]

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