Nokia's N800 Internet Tablet Gets Mozilla Browser Upgrade

If you want to see a contentious gadget, take a quick look at Nokia's N800 internet tablet.  Some love it – for its easy net surfing, handy size and crisp screen – while others would like to see it burn in a fiery grave.  There's no denying that the pre-loaded Opera browser has a mixed track record in terms of stability and performance; now Nokia are giving users an alternative and likely hoping that basing the new browser on Mozilla (i.e. that behind the ever-popular Firefox) will salve a few ills (and ill-wills).

Right now it's a beta, along with the usual bugs and issues that such software normally comes with, but while it might be a little while before there'll be an eventual release client as it stands the beta is capable of such things as AJAX support and plug-ins.

There's a frenzied debate going on among early-adopters over at Internet Tablet Talk, so head there if you're wondering whether or not to try this pre-release version.  Make sure to let us know in the comments how you get on!

Nokia Mozilla-based Browser beta [via Pocketables]