Nokia’s latest 6210, 6220, N78, and N96 Hands-On

James Allan Brady - Feb 12, 2008

Vincent finally made it over to the Nokia booth and has some hands on shots of all that new Nokia stuff they announced the other day. He was even keen enough to throw down his N95 next to the new N96 for a size/appearance comparison.

The N78 is clearly the longest phone that was announced with the N96 taking the award for most girth, but it packs a lot in. As you can see, the N96 is also slightly larger than the N95 and has a smoother, glossier appearance as well.

All of these phones are pretty amazing and there are tons of pictures of them. In fact, if you click on over to PhoneMag’s Nokia gallery, there are 131+ pictures in it, with most of them being of these handsets.

[via phonemag]

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