Nokia unveils Ovi Maps 3D for web users

Nokia has been offering navigation maps for users of Nokia maps for web users for a while now. Like many of these types of apps they started out as flat 2D maps that looked like drawings. Nokia has announced a cool new update to Ovi Maps that adds 3D view to the maps so a user can get a better understanding of the "feel" of a place.

Nokia Maps 3D sounds lot like Google Earth to me. Nokia claims that the maps are very realistic and all the buildings, parks, and playgrounds in an area are included in the map. Nokia partnered with C3 to make the 3D maps.

C3 uses camera equipment that captures the same object form up to 100 different angles and then the images are used to recreate a 3D representation. 3D maps are offered for San Francisco, New York, Miami, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Toronto, London, Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Milan, Venice, Florence, Barcelona, Madrid, Prague, Vienna and more to come. The service also offers maps of the streets of downtown in London, San Francisco, Helsinki, Oslo and Copenhagen.

[via Nokia