Nokia unveils HERE mapping service to take on Google Maps

Nokia revealed their new mapping service dubbed HERE, which is aiming to take on the likes of Google and Microsoft, both of which have respectable mapping services. Nokia's HERE is essentially just a rebrand of their current mapping solution, but it now includes more features and improved maps and 3D views.

The company launched an iOS app of HERE Maps, and they even partnered with Mozilla to bring integrated HERE maps to the Firefox OS. The mobile web version of HERE on the Firefox OS is expected to be released sometime next year. Nokia also demonstrated an Android app and announced plans for a HERE SDK for Android coming in early 2013.

To improve the mapping service even more, Nokia acquired 3D mapping company earthmine to bring advanced 3D imagery to HERE in order to take on Google's Street View service. earthmine has been around since 2006, so the company's expertise and experience will no doubt help Nokia achieve its goals of a better map service.

You can start using the new service now, since Nokia has launched the website Zooming in and moving around can be a little rough at times, but Nokia seems to be committed to wanting to improve the service over the next couple of years in order to make it a true contender against Google Maps and Bing Maps.