Nokia unveils 207, 208, and 208 Dual SIM budget 3G cell phones

Nokia has unveiled three new candy bar-style cell phones, the Nokia 207, 208, and 208 Dual SIM. All three handsets are small, clean-looking phones available in four different colors offering 3G connectivity with a low price tag. The phones are aimed at users who want an alternative to their smartphone, or who are updating from an older phone but wish to stick with a non-smartphone offering.

Though the cell phones resemble the network-lacking candy-bar phones of days mostly gone by, they offer some features sorely needed on modern handsets, among them being Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, microSD storage exapansion up to 32GB, and 3G data network support. The 208 models of the phone also offer a 1.3-megapixel camera, while the 207 lacks a camera for those who need a handset in camera-restricted locations. In addition, the SIM is a micro slot, so users can pop their card from a smartphone and use these handsets as a cheap backup.

There's 258MB of flash memory, a 1020mAh capacity battery (12 hours talk time, one month standby), micro USB slot, AHJ headphone support, and a standard 3.5mm AV port. The display measures in at 2.4-inches with a QVGA resolution, and while that isn't particularly notable, it is large enough to make Web browsing and app usage doable. The 207 model weighs just under 90 grams, while the 208 models weigh just a tad over that.

For browsing the Web, the handsets include the Nokia Xpress Browser, which compresses data. There are also some pre-installed applications, among them being Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and YouTube, with additional software options being available via the Nokia Store. In addition, the cell phones are enabled to function as a USB mobile data modem.

As far as design goes, Nokia says the three models are "splash-proof", and that the keys have no gaps between them, preventing debris build-up over time. The colored part of the handsets are a removable shell, so users can swap their current color for a different one whenever they want. The three versions of the phone will be available in black, white, red, and cyan, and will be priced at about $68. Shipping starts sometime in Q3 of this year.