Nokia teases tablet, laptop, and phablet unveil for October 22 event

Nokia has released a teaser image showing three products it will be unveiled an event it's holding on October 22. That event will be held in Abu Dhabi. While there are no details offered, the picture does show a new tablet, laptop, and phablet.

The Nokia phablet is really no surprise, but some people will be surprised that Nokia is trying to get into the tablet market and is trying another notebook. The last time Nokia tried a notebook device was the Booklet back in 2009. When we reviewed the 3G version of the Nokia Booklet back in 2009, we liked the looks of the device, but the performance was worse than most netbooks of the era.

There have been a few rumors circulating about the tablet and phablet. Those rumor suggests that the phablet will be the Nokia Lumia 1520 and feature a six-inch screen with Full HD resolution and Snapdragon 800 power.

The tablet is tipped to be the Lumia 2520 and said to run Windows RT. The tablet is also rumored to have a Snapdragon 800 processor and a full HD resolution screen along with a kickstand to prop it up. Nokia plans to live stream the October 22 event and we will hear all the details at that point. My money says the laptop runs Windows RT as well.