Nokia T7-00 leaks (but sorry, it's no tablet)

News of a new Nokia device has leaked, courtesy of the OVI Publisher tools, the Nokia T7-00. The first of what would be a new line of nomenclature for the company, while it's tempting to think that "T" stands for "Tablet", unfortunately that doesn't seem particularly likely; well, not unless you like your slates particularly low-resolution.

In fact, the T7-00 gets its mention under Symbian^3 devices, and in among the handsets with 360 x 640 resolution displays. That means it's running the same OS and has the same resolution as the N8 and C7; there's also a mention of the still-unconfirmed Nokia E6-00, complete with a 640 x 480 resolution display.

So, a new range of devices but no indication as to what segment the TSeries might target. Plus still no sign of the much-rumored Nokia tablet. The company has promised 150m more Symbian device sales in 2011.

[via MobilesGuruji]