Nokia Symbian^3 Browser Refresh Delayed Until Feb 2011?

Nokia's new browser for Symbian^3 was meant to arrive later in 2010 and tighten up the internet experience on the N8 among other handsets; now, according to the latest rumors, it seems we'll have to wait until early 2011 for that to happen. Notorious insider Eldar Murtazin is claiming that Nokia has postponed the refreshed browser until February 2011.

While the delay most obviously means that the browsing experience on the N8 and E7 will still fall short of rival devices for a little longer, it also has an impact on applications. Many Symbian apps take advantage of elements of the browser engine, and the new version was expected to bring with it a speed and stability boost across the board. We're waiting to hear back from Nokia with a comment, but having been told that Symbian was morphing into one "constantly evolving" platform we were hoping that evolution would be somewhat faster.