Nokia Symbian^3 2010 plan detailed: 12MP N8-00 tipped for Summer

Slightly more believable than the N98 render from earlier today comes word on the first range of Symbian^3 devices Nokia plan to push out in 2010 and the range nomenclature the Finnish company is shifting to.  According to French site Tom's Guide, Nokia are planning to drop their Classic and XpressMusic differentiators and instead settle on five letter-prefix segments, as well as launch a device – the N8-00 – a 12.3-megapixel smartphone with HDMI and HD video recording.

The Nokia N8-00 is apparently expected to arrive this coming summer, and will be full touch-enabled and offer multitouch support on a 3.5-inch display.  As well as being the flagship Symbian^3 handset, it will potentially offer DivX support as well as 720p 30fps HD video recording.

As for the various ranges, they break down as follows:

  • C: "lower end voice-based"
  • X: "focus on entertainment, music for a young target"
  • E: "dedicated to business, solutions for e-mails"
  • N: "High-end"
  • S: "very upscale and limited editions"
  • There will apparently be fourteen devices this year, including the N8-00 and two other, C-series devices.  The C5-00 will be a basic business-centric handset with GPS, set to land in June, while the C3-00 will be a simplistic S40 QWERTY phone positioned as an email device.  The Nokia C5-01, meanwhile, will be a BlackBerry competitor.  No word on whether we'll hear about any of this at Mobile World Congress 2010 next week.

    [via The Nokia Blog]