Nokia recalls 46 million cell phone batteries

Chris Scott Barr - Aug 14, 2007

Well Sony shouldn’t feel bad, they’re not the only ones recalling batteries these days. Now mobile phone giant Nokia is reaclling roughly 46 million cell phone batteries.

The batteries affected are model number BL-5C and were manufactured between December 2005 and November of 2006. Quite a few Nokia phones use this battery ranging from the 1100 series up to the N91 and E60.

What’s wrong with the batteries? The same thing as the Sony ones, they have the potential to overheat causing burns. Nokia has a website up to check whether or not your battery is affected by the recall. Head here to check and see if you qualify for a replacement here.

46 Million Nokia Batteries Waiting To Burn Your Face Off [via crunchgear]

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