Nokia plan Symbian^3 phones Q3 2010; Symbian^4 by early 2011

Nokia haven't been shy about their ambitious cellphone OS plans for the coming year, but according to Michael Hsu, general manager of Nokia Taiwan, they're jumping version numbers in order to get there.  Hsu has apparently confirmed that Nokia intend to launch Symbian^3 devices in Q3 2010, leapfrogging over Symbian^2 in the process, before hitting Symbian^4 in either late 2010 or early 2011.

Symbian^4 will, as we already knew, be based on Qt with a more consistent UI and native support for various touch and hybrid devices.  Before then, Symbian^3 is expected to deliver multitouch.  Nokia apparently expect S60 devices to account for 55-percent of the company's total handset sales by 2011, with the remainder being made up of 35-percent S40 and 10-percent Maemo, as on the N900