Nokia Phones promised to begin a new chapter later this month

The Nokia brand's golden age is far behind us but HMD Global managed to at least salvage its reputation and give it a new image in this smartphone age. The company has made a lot of promises, most of them coming to fruition, and Nokia has once again earned a place in the smartphone market. Now it seems poised to start something new, though what that will be is anyone's guess. Fortunately, one only has to wait a week before HMD Global makes that grand reveal, along with a mystery special guest.

The invitation to its September event will surely generate a few theories and speculation, especially given how HMD Global has been silent in the past months. In fact, it may have been too silent, with some of its own fans wondering about many of the leaked Nokia phones that have yet to come to light.

Now HMD Global Chief Product Officer Juho Sarvikas, who has pretty much become the public face of Nokia phones, announced what is being presented as a big event in the history of Nokia phones. There will be a special guest, too, which could be a famous personality that the company has signed up to market its phones.

Of course, HMD could simply just be playing up the hype and its idea of a "next chapter" will simply be yet another batch of phone upgrades. Just like the original Nokia, HMD has gotten into the practice of inundating the market with multiple phone models all at once.

Hopefully, there will be some good news on September 22 for Nokia fans. The company has remained committed to stock Android and rolling out timely updates, though its track record for the latter isn't as consistent as some would have hoped. More importantly, however, HMD Global has yet to launch a Nokia flagship that could be considered a worthy rival to the likes of Samsung's Galaxy S series or even just OnePlus' flagships.