Nokia N97 reviewed at PhoneMag

Over at our sibling site PhoneMag they've posted the full Nokia N97 review, and if you've been as eagerly-anticipating this smartphone as we have then you really need to read it.  On paper, the N97 ticks just about every box you could hope for, but when it comes to usability and overall polish it seems that Nokia may have dropped the ball.

The QWERTY keyboard earns much of the N97 dismay, with poor tactile feedback, shallow travel and a frustrating layout, but S60 5th Edition, despite Nokia's work to integrate touch-control, must share the blame.  Compared to rival devices, it seems a lazy implementation, while the resistive touchscreen feels like old technology compared to the iPhone 3GS, Palm Pre or BlackBerry Storm.

There are positive points, including strong multimedia performance (though ugly, basic apps), the homescreen widgets and plenty of onboard storage, but the overall feeling is that the N97 simply arrived too late to capitalize on its potential.  For all the details, check out the full PhoneMag review.

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