Nokia N95 8GB NAM shipping now - with US HSDPA goodness

The problem with having the new N95GB imported from Europe before the North American version is released is that the nifty HSDPA won't work. But alas, Nokia has finally blessed us with an NAM version that has the US spec HSDPA inside.

In case you've forgotten, other than the 8GB of integrated storage, you also get aGPS, a 5MP camera with flash and AF, and voice dialing that doesn't require programming. Then of course, there is also the Symbian S60 version 9.2 OS and all the goodness that comes with that.

The downside comes when you see that they are already sold out, and even if they weren't you'd have to dole out the $779 price for the SIM-free version, as no carrier has picked it up and subsidized it yet. Also, the newer, in my opinion, better N96 will be out in the 3rd quarter, but it will likely launch in Europe and take forever to hit the US just like every other really good Nokia handset.

[via PhoneMag]