Nokia N900 PS3 controller [Video]

Keffan Dolly - Dec 30, 2009
Nokia N900 PS3 controller [Video]

In today’s day and age controlling one device with another is pretty common place. You can control your thermostat with a SMS message, arm your alarm system or even use your Blackberry to control your home theater. Of course using your Blackberry as a remote requires a stand alone device and a $100 piece of software.  For those of us lucky enough to own a Nokia N900 there is a new app called BlueMaemo which allows you to control a host of Bluetooth devices from your phone. Interestingly enough one of those devices in the Sony PlayStation 3.

Maemo Italia has posted a short video of the application in action to youtube, which is unfortunately in Italian. But you can still get the general idea of what is going on and see the N900 connect to the PS3.

Blue Maemo is still in early development which of course means you get all of the problems associated with a piece of alpha software. This instability could lead to crashes and freezing on your device. So if you are feeling brave enough to give it a try do so with caution.

Via Maemo Central

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