Nokia N9 photos look REALLY good

I am not a Nokia fan at all. The only Nokia device I have ever owned was a free phone a carrier gave me years, and years ago with one of my first wireless plans. I am still seeing little that would talk me out of my iPhone or an Android device for a Nokia today. What I will say is Nokia knows how to make a camera phone. The camera on my iPhone sucks to the point that I only use it in a pinch and then the photos are just not very high quality.

Nokia has been talking a lot about the camera module that its new N9 smartphone uses over the last few months. A week or so back we talked about Nokia boasting that the camera on the N9 was the fastest around and that it supported NFC image transfers. The key factoid in that claim if fastest camera is that the N9 cam can be on and ready to use in 2.9 seconds. The next closest was the iPhone 4 at about three seconds.

With all the talk about how fast and high quality the camera is the thing that I and a bunch of you really want to know is how the photos look. Nokia has posted up a complete gallery of photos taken by the N9. The photos are not edited or adjusted at all according to Nokia and are just as they came from the camera. The pics look really good. One thing that I really want to know I don't see a photo to represent is how fast the shutter is. I can't take a pic of my kids with the iPhone if they are moving because it won't snap the photo before they are out of the frame. Check out a few of the gallery pics below, which I did resize for our website. The originals can be seen at the source link.

[via Nokia]