Nokia N9 Breaks Cover, MeeGo Along for the Ride

Nokia is still a presence in the smartphone industry. Even if their name isn't synonymous with the market here in the United States, the moment you enter the international market, things change. With that being said, there's a lot of talk that Nokia's last stand is coming up here pretty quickly, and stand-out devices like the N9 need to show that the company still has a place in a fight against Apple's iOS and Google's Android. So when a new boat load of images break cover of the device, a small spark lights up inside of us. Call it hope — or maybe irrationality.

The Nokia N9 that's in these pictures is featuring Nokia's new mobile Operating System, MeeGo. Basically, this software side of things is also Nokia's last-ditch effort to make something noteworthy for customers out there. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of details here about how it works with the device in question, or if it works at all. What we can see, though, is that the device features a fully metallic frame, a slide-out landscape full QWERTY keyboard, and a large touchscreen.

We also know that, according to the site that originally posted the images, the device should be announced by Nokia some time here shortly. There just aren't enough details here to say whether or not the N9 will be a smash hit, or even has the potential to do so. It needs to have the power under the hood, the User Interface to make customers excited again, and the aesthetics to get people to take a second glance. Does the N9 have any of that? Let us know what you think in the comments.

[via SlashPhone]