Nokia N82 might finally be unleashed

The entire existence of this phone is mostly speculation, but Nokia has gone and pulled a viral marketing stunt that has given the laundry list of rumors some weight. The ad has the N series logo, a red curtain and a countdown timer, which when I checked it, was at 21 hours and some change.

If speculation comes true, this N82 is shaping up to be a better handset than the N95, which doesn't make much sense. Anyways, some of the more extravagant specs are a 5MP cam with a Xenon flash and auto focus and GPS, the rest are fairly plausible for a Nokia handset.

And those include WiFi, FM radio, microSD card slot, Bluetooth, and a 2.4" QVGA screen. Regardless, we are about 20-21 hours away from finding out what the big deal is, hopefully its not like that Shakespeare play and we're all making "Much Ado About Nothing".

Nokia N82 coming in 24 hours? [via pocket-lint]