Nokia N810 with WiMAX dropping April 1st?

Word on the streets is that we could see the new WiMAX capable Nokia N810 as early as April 1st at CTIA. Personally I'd be more interested in seeing Sprint's Xohm network finally launch, but I'd settle for a WiMAX ready N810.

It is just a rumor, and April first is coincidentally April Fools Day, the international holiday for pranksters, but it is also the first day of CTIA Wireless. Speaking of which, we'll be at CTIA Wireless reporting back for all of you. It'll be another lovely time in Las Vegas, Nevada, but with slightly better weather than CES.

So, the N810 is sitting at around $400 right now sans WiMAX, it had a starting price of around $480, so, any guesses what one with WiMAX will cost? My guess is that Nokia will be real cool about it and keep the price still under $500, that's my guess, but only because I know Nokia like that, and they're pretty cool peoples.

[via BGR]