Nokia N81 8GB Hands On

James Allan Brady - Dec 13, 2007, 3:13 pm CST

Our own Vincent Nguyen is back with a new round of “Ha! I have a really nice Nokia and you don’t” for your enjoyment. If only I could catch him on one of his benevolent days that sucker would be mine, but alas, today is not that day, once again, its mostly pics and some specs with the promise of a review later.

Alright, so, the N81 is Nokia’s latest go at an Ngage device with this phone being the one the platform was re-launched on. It obviously has 8GB of storage built in, runs on WCDMA 2100+E850/900/1800 and 1900MHz networks. It does work in the US, but can’t access AT&T’s 3G network.

It has a 2.4-inch QVGA screen, and dedicated media keys, a multimedia key, a navi wheel, and a 2MP cam that can do both stills and MPEG-4 VGA video at up to 15 fps. So far he seems to like it, maybe even more than his N95 8GB, only time will tell though, until then, enjoy the pics and feel free to click through to slashphone for more pics and a video.

Nokia N81 8GB hands-on [via slashphone]

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