Nokia N8 shoots pics for PiX Magazine cover

Being a full time tech geek is a pretty sweet gig and typically, I think I have it pretty good. I get to play with gadgets and spend my days getting paid for doing things I would do even if I had a real job and getting dressed up only involves wearing pants. As cool as being a pro geek is, the sweetest gig ever would have to be a fashion photographer. You get to hang out with hot chicks all day after all.

A photography magazine called PiX has announced that the cover photo for the December/January edition was shot with a Nokia N8 smartphone. The pic looks really, really good. I have seen photographers take some shots with the iPhone that are really good too. I guess the problem with crap pictures that I take isn't the camera phone it's the camera user.

You can check out the video below to see the cover shoot and the N8 in action. The vid is ok if you are at work so watch and enjoy. This is so much cooler than that N8 fridge stunt we talked about earlier today.

Via PhoneArena