Nokia N8 clone runs Android, sheds megapixels

Nokia continue to insist that they have no plans to ditch Symbian or MeeGo in favor of Android, and so we'll have to get our Google/Finn crossover kicks in unofficial ways.  Chinese firm iZiNN has cloned the Nokia N8 and slapped a copy of Android 2.1 on their copy, the CJ-3; it lacks the original's 12-megapixel camera (making do with just 5-megapixels) but does keep the HDMI output and 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen.

The iZiNN CJ-3 actually packs more pixels than the original on that display, though – at WVGA resolution – though it lacks a Xenon flash and uses dual-LEDs instead.  Inside is Rockchip's RK2808 chipset; it's unclear how much RAM and storage it's been paired with.

While normally these cloned devices are pretty laughable, we can imagine quite a few people might find the idea of a Nokia N8 shell with Android inside more appealing than the Symbian^3 OS the real thing is going to launch with.  Sadly the likelihood of it reaching US or European shores seems low.

[via Red Ferret]