Nokia N8 benchmarks tip 180% speed boost over N97

While Nokia's overall specifications for the N8 generally met with approval – if not, in the case the 12-megapixel camera, outright lust – the smartphone's 680MHz processor led to some criticism that the phone might not keep up with its Android and Windows Phone rivals.  Over at Finestfones they've apparently had enough hands-on time with an N8 prototype to run some benchmarking tests, and the reassuring news is that, in comparison with previous Symbian handsets, it's quite the little speed demon.

They used an app called Speedy Go! which benchmarks Symbian devices, and which allows the N8 to be tested both with its graphics accelerator turned on and turned off.  Off, the prototype N8 posted a score 54-percent higher than the Samsung Omnia HD and 180-percent greater than the Nokia N97.  Meanwhile the N8 maxed out the FPC Bench 3D graphics testing, ranking 60fps – the highest the app can count – in every category.

According to Finestfones, the improvement in results is because, while some current-generation Symbian devices also have graphics accelerators, the Symbian S60v5 OS isn't actually coded to take advantage of them fully.  Symbian^3, which will make its commercial debut on the N8, has no such shortcomings.  For more on the N8, check out our hands-on from last week.