Nokia N8-01 Spied In New Pics And Video

Nokia is working hard to get some of the market share back that it has lost in the smartphone world. The company has a long road to go since it has fallen significantly behind in the smartphone realm. One of the smartphones that has been rumored in the past is called the Nokia 801 or the Nokia N8-01 smartphone. Previously the phone had been tipped as the N9, but the phone in these photos doesn't look like the phone said to be the N9 or N8-02 we spied back in July.

The phone in these shots looks nice with an edge-to-edge qHD screen. The phone apparently shows up in the video at the end of this story showing off NFC. PhoneArena admits that the phone could simply be a concept to show off NFC. However, the company has plenty of NFC enabled devices so it wouldn't need to show off a concept if NFC is all it wants to show.

The phone appears to have Symbian Belle onboard. The video teaser with the 801 used was in the list of promo videos found on a Nokia 700 smartphone at IFA. In short, the video may be nothing, but it's interesting anyway so check it out around the 2:20 mark according to PhoneArena.

[via PhoneArena]