Nokia N-Gage Launching Next Week

The entire platform isn't quite ready, which sucks, but if you have an N81 you'll have access to it. Furthermore, there are just a couple games on the list, but I guess they had to fake it until they make it with this one, especially if they wanted to hit that end of 07 mark.

One of the games will be Star Wars Unleashed, so at least they were smart enough to release a title that would get people hooked like a crack addiction. They also setup a blog type of thing for the early adopters, aka just about everyone with an N81, to post about what they like, dislike, all that good stuff.

So, come next Tuesday, you'll want to make sure your N81 is all charged up and has some spare space to download a game or two to play while on your early morning commute. I assume that the N-Gage platform will be spread out over the rest of the N-Series sometime next year, and hopefully there will be games added at an alarming rate as 2 games does not a gaming platform make.

On your mark, get set, N-Gage! [via slashphone]